Sorbie Tower

Sorbie Tower, dating back to the 16th century, is owned by the Clan Hannay Society and is gradually being restored. Although the current building is 16th century, there are 12th century foundations on the site. It was sold to the Earl of Galloway in 1677 and by 1748 the tower became ruinous. The Clan Hannay acquired it in 1965. The tower is approximately half way between Sorbie and Garlieston. The tower certainly is an imposing sight when it appears around the corner at the last moment…   and be sure to visit the luxury loo’s that Camping Cabins installed whilst your there.

Sorbie is a small village located midway between Wigtown and Whithorn on the A714 road. In the middle of the village is Sorbie Parish Church, which dates back to 1755. Sorbie had a creamery located beside the railway station for many years, and some of the products made there were once exported via the port at nearby Garlieston. 

It remains to second floor level, although notably for a building of this kind there is no wall-walk or parapet. It is a schedule monument. There are plans to restore it.

The structure can be viewed both from the outside, free of charge, or, if you go to Garlieston Village and enquire within the village shop, you can go inside.