Yeaveley Estate

The Nordic cabins at Yeaveley Estate are an extremely popular accommodation for sleeping and the bbq space they proved. Sleeping arrangements are 8 bunk beds each with their own memory foam mattress, pillow, fitted sheets and duvets.

The Sleeping cabins are each 14m in diameter and are constructed of 50mm Norwegian pine; this makes them very well insulated. They are also double glazed – cosy in the colder months but cool in the summer – the best of both worlds.

The cabins have a small covered porch area to leave boots & outdoor clothing and are in the lee of the prevailing wind. These cabins when needed are heated using thermostatically controlled oil filled radiators, making the heating safe efficient and fume free. Each cabin has a solar dome to provide natural daylight and lockable double glazed windows and 5 lever door locking for security. The sleeping cabins are equipped with fire extinguisher, a carbon monoxide alarm and a smoke alarm for your safety. LED mains lighting and an external PIR light illuminated your way in the dark.

Each sleeping cabin accommodates 8 people.

The Nordic cabins can accommodate up to 16 people in a group.

Our BBQ cabins are 10m in diameter & purpose built with a large central BBQ/firepit that vents through the central chimney.

Bench seating with reindeer skins or plenty of soft cushions to sit on around the BBQ allow you to relax in real comfort whilst cooking and drinking around the central fire. There is additional storage space under the benches.