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Shows and Exhibitions

Camping Cabins on tour! Wanting to know where you can see our camping and glamping buildings for yourself before deciding to buy? Each year we take our Camping Cabins buildings to Shows and Exhibitions around the UK to give you a chance to see our buildings for yourself! In addition to our permanent Nottingham and Studley show sites, we'll be taking our cabins to numerous events in 2023. For the comprehensive list of where to find us, this page has all of the latest show dates. Keep checking this page for regular updates as exhibition dates get added. Call us on 0800 0448 418 for more information. Camping CabinsTM are timber building manufacturers based in Derbyshire, UK. Along with our sister companies – Arctic Cabins, Cabins for Schools and Cabin Master, we have been providing families, schools and businesses with high quality timber buildings that are hand built since 2002. We will have our 10m² BBQ cabin on display. Meet the team and see why our trademarked sloping walls give you extra space and the best seating position whilst enjoying many hours in your new cabin. With 10 square meters of space you will effortlessly seat 15 people in your cabin, creating a cosy, fun environment. Our cabins not only look great, but they are practical too! Warm and snug in the winter and they offer welcome shade in the summer.