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The ultimate in glamping accommodation, our pod-like Arches can be used all year round and come pre-built with a whole host of features.

There are numerous arrangements of our Arches, but most commonly we call them The Rambler, The Camper and The Glamper. These camping pod style buildings are all manufactured at our Derbyshire factory in the UK.

The Arch has straighter walls which don’t start to curve until around shoulder height. This means that you can stand up right to the edge of the room without bumping your head. It also allows for stand-alone furniture to be used without modification as it will fit flush to the wall. More of the internal space is useable.

The Arches are available in a variety of sizes and can sleep between 2 - 8 people. There are a multitude of ways to fit them out including bathrooms and kitchens. They can be fitted with bunks or double beds or left empty for stand-alone furniture from a supplier of your choice. You can even just provide the space for your guest to camp in with them bringing everything they need, bar the tent itself.

The Arches are made using slow grown redwood and they are guaranteed for 10 years. If you are considering camping pods these are well worth considering.

Key design features

  • The Arches can be anywhere between 2.5m and 3.4m wide. The maximum width is there so it can be transported on roads without a movement order and therefore keeping the delivery costs down for you. Length is commonly between 3.5m and 5m long. With this, it makes it possible to deliver at least 2 at once, again maximising efficiency for you.
  • In any size of Arch, a bathroom can be incorporated making it fully ensuite.
  • The Arches can be provided with or without beds. Depending on the size of Arch and arrangement of beds, you could sleep between 2 and 8 people.
  • According to official government guideline, the Arches can be technically described as a caravan because they are portable and are delivered in one piece. This may help with any planning permission.
  • If you are looking to increase all year round occupancy, the fully equipped Arch is perfect.
  • All the arches are the same basic shape but the Glamper has a larger, usable space compared to most camping pods on the market due to the straight walls.
  • The natural beauty of the Arches means it will sit in harmony with your rural surroundings.
  • There are a range of accessories available, including a short or long porch and we offer a bespoke design service, including the fitting of beds and bunk beds.


  • The overall size of the Arches are between 2.5m and 3.4m wide and up to 5m long.
  • Doors and window can be placed in either end in various arrangement depending on the size of the Arch. Skylights can also be placed in the roof either side of the ridge.
  • The floor is built on a robust tanalised timber base frame with fork lift truck points. The floor is constructed using 18 mm tongue and groove four edged Oriented Strand Board (OSB3) floor decking that is fully insulated with Rockwool A non-slip commercial grade vinyl covering in a choice of colours is then laid onto this.
  • The roof is constructed of a lightweight metal interlocking tile that is guaranteed weatherproof for 40 years and is fully insulated.
  • The exterior walls are constructed using slow-grown redwood timber. The timber is 25mm loglap with tongue and groove exterior wall boards that are pre-treated with exterior solvent-based preservative. The walls are also insulated.
  • The interior walls and ceiling are constructed from 15mm tongue and groove.
  • The doors and windows are double glazed brown UPVC. The doors have multipoint security locks as standard.
  • The Arch is wired with a 16 amp IP44 waterproof socket inlet and a 5-Module IP55 40A RCD consumer unit. It has ceiling spot lights, an exterior light in the porch, an extractor fan in the bathroom and 2 double sockets. Additional wiring can be added for electric showers, specific items in the kitchen, TV points or heaters.

For more information on the common sizes of Arch, click on Ramblers, Campers or Glamper.

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