25m² Camping Cabins

With a massive 25m² floor space, our extra large camping cabins are large enough to sleep up to 14 people in luxury and warmth.

Durable, versatile, affordable

If you want to stand out from the competition our camping cabins are for you. These cabins are striking, spacious, available in a range of sizes and are very versatile. They can be fitted out with bunks for groups or given the complete glamping treatment with stand-alone four poster beds and sumptuous accessories and fittings.

The cabins are made from quality slow grown redwood, for durability and are guaranteed for 10 years. They are designed to withstand the harsh environment that the great British weather can throw at them.

These cabins can also be combined and connected into a honeycomb style layout, offering additional bedroom and living areas.

Key design features

  • A massive, straight walled, decagon (10 sided) cabin.
  • The size of this cabin means it is suitable for a variety of uses, configurations and groups.
  • The roof is high and creates a ‘church like’ effect. Resulting in an incredible feeling of space and openness. Claustrophobia is not a word that you would associate with this cabin.
  • Sleeps a maximum of 14 people, 10 bunks can be installed around the walls and there is space in the centre of the cabin for a free standing quad bunk bed.
  • The cabin can be kitted out for a family or small group, there would be space to include full sized beds, dining furniture and comfy sofas! All free standing and of a quality and style of your choice. This is particularly important if you are considering offering the full luxury glamping experience.
  • The cabin has a floor space of 25m².
  • A porch is fitted as standard.
  • The cabin is supplied empty. There are a range of accessories available including electricity, kitchenette, shower room and there are various options for fitting out your cabin with beds and bunks.


  • The overall size of the cabins are 25m².
  • The cabins are constructed using slow-grown redwood. The walls are 44mm loglap double T & G walls. The exterior is pre-treated with solvent-based preservative.
  • The cabin has a timber floor that is 16mm tongue and groove over 45mm x 45mm tanalised bearers fully insulated with Kingspan insulation board.
  • The roof is fully insulated with Kingspan board. It is 16mm tongue and groove timber covered with CE-marked Kerabit high performance SBS modified roofing shingle. There is a central solar pipe with a Bohemian Crystal Dome, which is UV and discolouration resistant.
  • The timber windows and door are CE quality marked, double glazed and draught excluded.

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