Horses, Riding, Hot Tubs and Glamping!

Ivy Green Equestrian is a trekking centre and livery based in Colchester, Essex. Owner Zanna and Ian Saville have always had a love of horses; they have been a big part of their lives for many years. Just over a year ago Zanna decided to make her hobby and passion her job when she started her own trekking centre.

The Business Idea

Soon after starting the trekking centre Zanna and Ian made the decision to look into the possibilities of offering residential riding holidays. The initial idea was to transform the garage into accommodation however, after seeing a barbecue cabin at Blenheim Horse Trials in September Zanna was inspired to explore the possibilities of using the cabins to create the luxury accommodation she had envisaged.


Zanna and Ian began discussions with Arctic Cabins and discovered that the cabins were manufactured in Derbyshire and as a result they could be made however Zanna wanted and that they could be connected together. Zanna and Arctic finalised the design and the cabins went into manufacture. Six weeks later they were installed and Zanna and Ian began the process of fitting them out. Zanna purchased two 10m barbecue cabins with two extensions. The cabins were installed at the beginning of November 2014 and just a few weeks later their transformation into luxury accommodation is nearing completion.

The Result

The cabins are joined together by a 6 x 6 foot extension. This extension has been converted into a galley kitchen with units, sink, microwave and fridge. The first cabin is a barbecue cabin with benches, reindeer skins and central barbecue unit, you walk through the extension, now the fitted out kitchen into the second cabin which was supplied without a central barbecue, this is the bedroom/living room with futon beds and electric wood burner. The second extension room is off this cabin and has been fitted out as an en-suite bathroom. Outside the cabin decking has been installed complete with hot tub and a beautiful firepit. Ivy Green Farm is clad in places with black weather board, The Saville’s decided to paint the cabins black to match in with the style of the house and farm. Zanna said “we are delighted with the result, the cabins look like they’ve been in place for years, they just seem to fit and belong.”

The Future

Zanna aims to welcome her first guests for Christmas 2014. A website is being built but already the interest is high with users of the centre, Facebook and word of mouth recommendation. Zanna says “everyone who sees the cabins thinks they are amazing.”


If you are interested in booking a stay at Ivy Green Equestrian Call 07789 961 019