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We are a UK manufacturer of exquisitely beautiful and adaptable cabins, pods and facilities thanks to our dedicated team. Read our stories here.

A portrait of Rick Calladine

Rick Calladine

A true craftsman and master joiner with over 30 years of experience, Rick is a perfectionist and has an eye for detail. As well as being a partner in Camping Cabins, Rick takes a keen interest in our quality control. He enjoys a game of squash and visiting his second home in Spain.

A portrait of Sean Calladine

Sean Calladine

Sean along with Dean runs our manufacturing operation and has just become a dad for the first time. Obsessive compulsive cleanliness tells you all you need to know about Calladine junior.

A portrait of Stuart Creedy

Stuart Creedy

An experienced project manager, Stuart looks after our larger projects and our network of distributors in the UK. He is a motorbike fanatic and when not working you will find him racing around the tracks of England with his local motorbike club.

A portrait of Sam Elvin

Sam Elvin

Sam has been with Camping Cabins for 10 years. This is Sam's first job out of college but he is one of our most experienced and trusted joiners. Quiet, calm and collected, we can always rely on Sam and Rob to get the job done and finished on site.

A portrait of Mark Jennison

Mark Jennison

He keeps all of our networks open, computers and laptops working, tablets and phones ringing. Basically anything you can plug in Mark is responsible for. He is also an experienced user of CAD and Mark will be the one who designs a building for you to look at. A lover of musical theatre and a keen camper. Mark is fastidious in all that he does.

A portrait of Gareth Parkinson

Gareth Parkinson

Looks after the sale of all our Cabins and has been doing so since day one. If you buy a Cabin the chances are it will be Gareth who does your site survey and gives you all the information and advice you need. His favourite chocolate bar is a Star Bar and he's also the Big Boss!

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